Gloating in the Assembly

Christians have a history of grandstanding. The latest is over Roe vs Wade (which most think ends abortion but does not!). However, we love to protest but not be a witness. If we really cared about life, we would be facing the insanity of suicide among Americans. However, that does not cause rage so we don’t talk about it.

The truth is that there is an Old Testament prophet that tells us about the very issue. In the face of injustice, the message he had for Edom applies today. There was a total of eight things they should not do in three verses…

  • You should not look down on your brother…
  • You should not rejoice over the people…
  • You should not boast…
  • You should not march against the gates…
  • You should not look down on their calamity..,
  • You should not seize their wealth….
  • You should not wait at the crossroads to captive them….
  • You should not hand over their survivors…

According to scholars, it is believed that Obadiah saw the people of Edom as having an attitude of being superior. They would look down on people who was different they were. The judgement of God was to show them that no one is better or worse than another. The judgement will fall on everyone at the same time.

In the same way, much of the Church today gloats and think they have “won” in this area or that area. They view the fighting of culture as their mission, not being a witness to a lost and broken world. They look down on sinners, rejoice over them, march against them, laugh at their misfortunates, take their prosperity and want to see them destroyed. This is not godly and is the result of the heresy known as Kingdom Now that runs wild in our churches.

Names changes, nations addressed change but the attitude of pride does not change.

Statement concerning Global Awakening

I have related to Global Awakening led by Randy Clark on various levels for the last 20 years. I was at one point ordained by the ministry. I also made several trips out of the country with Randy to Brazil and Mozambique.

As a young man of God out of the fires of the Brownsville Revival, I believed in the power of God. Miracles confirm the gospel. Jesus Christ moved in anointing to confirm the message of salvation. This is fundamentally Pentecostal.

At the turn of the century, this fall out of favor in many Assemblies of God churches. They were moving to a more “seeker sensitive” model similar to Saddleback and Willow Creek. Preaching under the utterance of the Spirit was seen as “old school.”

It was clear putting a strong emphasis on miracles, signs and wonders was not going to have a place in the Assemblies of God that was a season of identity crisis. As a movement, they were Pentecostal in name only but was more evangelical in practice.

It was about that time, I came connected to ministries that came out of the Vineyard movement. Some of them were downright heretical looking back and other were questionable. The one that seems to be more solid was Global Awakening. I also knew there was many Pentecostals around him.

Understanding the relationship

At the time, Global Awakening was far more solid than they are today. The focus on evangelism, miracles and impartation was something I could get behind. Global Awakening was basically the Brownsville Revival on a diet. The only real difference was a lack of holiness preaching in spirit and in practice.

However, in the years went by, things got more odd. Evangelism became non-existent. I “signed on” to their network early on for doing gospel crusades in South America. About a decade, that emphasis was a thing of the past. Street Evangelism went next. This was not acceptable.

When a ministry turns from the harvest, they turn from the Lord of the Harvest. Global Awakening more towards becoming a big business that does conferences and mission trips for profit. Everything came at a price. The finances were not poured into soul winning but building the ministry.

The major change that I could not agree to walk with anymore is the Kingdom Now or 7 Mountain mandate. Global Awakening became a leader in the New Apostolic Reformation. It was not about souls anymore but about “cultural transformation.”

In recent years, I have been on the edge of the ministry and mostly recently going to the Network Advance at the Voice of the Prophets in Virginia. It has become a very odd relationship between Global Awakening and Quest for Souls because they have become less and less Pentecostal or Charismatic.

The current structure for the ministry is more about business, impartation and pushing education (that generates income for the business side of the ministry). It has lost its’ passion for evangelism, revival and missions. The trips overseas are focused in the church, not the harvest.

What about false prophets?

One of the hard things for me to shallow was the promotion of false prophets. I believe in modern prophets and I am a strong supporter of prophecy. However, the scriptures are very clear about false prophets and those who operate in the spirit of divination. let’s just say that these people are not David Wilkerson and Leonard Ravenhill.

Who am I talking about? John Paul Jackson, Patricia King, and Kris Vallotton are people who should not (or should not have in the past) be given a platform. One of them was a false prophet that almost destroys the expectation of spiritual gifts in Kansas City. The other one clears operates in a divination spirit and the last one is a heretic and Trump prophet (that clearly missed it!) Yet, they continued to find a platform with Global Awakening.

Sean Smith and his current “wife,” Christa presents another problem. In Sean’s first book of prophetic evangelism, he thanks his wife Barb. He left his wife after writing and remarried another woman. This is clearly adultery and thus, a disqualifier for leadership with the church, locally or nationally. (1 Timothy 3)

All in all, the gift of prophecy is not taken that seriously in Global Awakening. People can’t operate in the true prophetic gift because they misuse 1 Corinthians 14:2 to say that “all prophecy must be encouraging.” This is bad hermeneutics. People “reading your mail” just does not happen. Most of what flies in the name of prophecy is closer to the gift of encouragement.

True prophets would struggle in the context of the Voice of the Prophets because they would address the issues of sin, righteousness and judgement. This is a divorce from the philosophy of ministry.

Global Awakening and manifestations

Many people would think of Randy Clark as the guy that started the “Toronto Blessing” in January 1994. In the minds of many, especially Pentecostals, it was the odd manifestations that people remembers. Things like holy laughter, animal noises, and gold fillings.

I have seen it all and I would use the advice I use to hear Rev. Steve Hill give. He would tell people in the Brownsville Revival that, “I don’t care if you go down or not but if you do; when you get up, you better be more in love with Jesus and longing to live more holy lives.” Much of the manifestations is self-seeking in Charismatic meetings.

While I am not a fan of the holy laughter myself, I do not have a theological problem with it in and of itself. At the end of the day, it could be the joy of the Lord. In some cases, it is not of the Lord and is quite honestly demonic. When people are laughing in a service as the Holy Spirit gives a word of prophecy, for example.

I have seen the Spirit do some extra-biblical things. Slain in the Spirit is one of those extra-biblical manifestations that are not wrong but can be used wrong, even demonically.




Why is the Bible the answer?

Many have over the years questioned the Word of God as the final authority. This is why there was major division, namely the Scopes Monkey Trial that went down in Dayton, TN. It was an actual trail between the Clarence Darrow (of ACLU) and former Secretary of State, William Jennings Bryan. The word of God was actually on trail!

Truth is determined in three ways: human reasoning, ecclesial dogma, and biblical theology. The first one is rooted in humanism and science; the second is based on creeds and doctrines but the third is based in the actual truth itself: the bible!

It is clear that putting your trust in your own understanding or knowledge is the worship of self. In the same regard, having beliefs that just pass through the generations is equally just as dangerous. All truth must be trusted and trust must begin in the source of truth which is the scripture, namely the New Testament.

40 men over many centuries in several nations all wrote what we have to be the Canonized Bible today. There is no way that man could have done this. The only answer is inspiration of the Divine.

It might harm your post-modern friends but the word of God must be true!

Trusting the Scriptures

The idea that the Bible is the infallible rule for all faith and conduct is not new. This is the view of most movements down the generations. In other words, why personalities that wrote the books might influence the styles; the message of the Bible remains pure and it does not change.

J.W. Haley did a study in 1874 and found that most of the problems that people claim they have with the Word of God comes 8 false ideas.

  1. Failure to read the Bible as it reads.
  2. False Interpretations without understanding the cultural context.
  3. Wrong education about biblical things
  4. Failure to realize summaries
  5. Misunderstanding of societal differences (Babylon, Greek, Israel)
  6. The numbering system in the Bible
  7. Difference between autographs and manuscripts
  8. Change in meaning of words through history

However, all of this do not change the word of God and that it does become the guide or the rule of all things related to faith and godliness.  The Bible, especially the New Testament is the measuring rod of standards for what it means to be a believer in Christ Jesus.

The test of being in the Bible was not easy. It was based on being Apostolic, universal, biblical harmony and being inspired by the Spirit. Only 26 books passed those test. The book of Revelation was added later after much debate. This was the standard until the modern psychology movement began in the late 1800’s.

It is word saying that the old copy of text (gospel of John) we have is about 30 years after the book was written. The oldest copy of Plato writings is 1,300 years later. We do not question the work of Plato so why should we question the work of Jesus?

Therefore, it is reasonable to say that we can believe the scriptures!

Light of Hope: Dream Center of Los Angeles!

One of the best examples of a soul winning church in America is the Los Angeles Dream Center in Los Angeles. In the midst of sin, darkness and hopelessness; they have become a light on the hill declaring the power of God to the world.

Started back in the 1990’s, they have been a beacon of hope to the people for over 25 years. They started with a small Filipino Assembly of God in downtown and ended up buying a 16 building hospital on the main highway in Los Angeles. At any moment, hundreds of lives are being changed.

I have worked as a missionary at the Dream Center myself. I worked with the Hope for Homeless Youth on the streets in Santa Monica. It was life changing to see the Spirit set young men free by the power of the gospel.

However, the story of how the Dream Center has touched people’s life in the wake of COVID19 is the miracle story that I want to share. They got to share the gospel in word and in deed to people that would have never heard the gospel.

Compassion in action is the vision of the Dream Center and that never changes.

Dream Center in the midst of COVID19

As the virus continues to kill and destroy, the Dream Center in Los Angeles continued to grow. At one point, they were serving people in food lines for 11 hours a day for months and months. They were relentless in their compassion for broken people and as a result, many came to faith in Christ Jesus.

At one point, the social worker was called the Dream Center to go visit kids in the projects because the state would not allow the social workers to do it. That’s favor. This is on top of the school that they made to help kids with homework and feed them twice away.

What is Instantaneous Sanctification?

What does it mean to receive Instantaneous Sanctification? This is a theological term that tells us a lot of what happens when a life is transformed at the altar? Many times, we get lost in the terminology and forget this is real lives being changed.

We need to start with understanding what sanctification is. It starts with “the action of making or declaring something holy.” When you are born again, you are declared holy before God. You are no longer seen for your sin but through the blood of Jesus.

Stanley Horton, the great theologian from the Assemblies of God says, “When we are converted, born again, we are delivered from the tyranny of sin.” When you repented of your sins and was regenerated, you are not a man or woman of God. You are no longer that sinner you was before. That person is dead.

Part of this salvation experience at the altar was be separated from your sinful past and be dedicated to living for Jesus for the rest of your days.  It is, by the power of the Spirit, that we walk out living holy as Jesus calls us to perfection.

This is possibly by praying in the Spirit and resting in the mystery of the gospel, Christ in you, the hope of glory. (Col. 1:27)

Being set apart for Jesus

The main theme about sanctification is you are set apart for the purposes of God. When you receive instantaneous sanctification, that means you are set apart the moment you receive regeneration and are part of the family of God. You are set apart from sin, bondage, and the powers of darkness.

In the Old Testament, one had to be a priest in the temple and there was hundreds of laws that governed how to be consecrated. Since the veil of separation has been destroyed, anyone who gives their live to Jesus can enter the temple in the Spirit knowing they have been consecrated at the foot of the altar.

Through your repentance and confession, you have received the divine exchange of regeneration and Instantaneous Sanctification.  It is more than just justification by faith but also you have declared consecrated by the blood of Jesus. You have what Moses and Elijah could only dream of: you have access to the throne of God anytime because of the price paid by Jesus on the cross!

There is no way you can get holy without holiness itself being given in the conversion process. We can not get what we do not have. It requires a deposit from the divine to grow in us and through us. That is what instantaneous sanctification really is. That deposit.

It is here that we have turned our back on sin and worldliness. We are a new man, a new creation, and people that are holy. We are people of Jesus that have been called out of darkness and sinful living unto the glorious family of God. Now, we are citizens of another Kingdom because we are set apart!

What about progressive sanctification?

One of the biggest misunderstanding about instantaneous sanctification is that we also are subject to progressive sanctification. This is what some theologians call “actual sanctification.”

The process of walking about what happens when we received at the altar when we got saved is not always pretty. This is especially true to people who did not come to Christ after growing up in a home that valued holiness. The truth is that we are all growing in the truth of what happened the day we were born again for the rest of our lives.

Paul told the Philippians that he was still straining for live worthy of what Jesus did in them daily. (Phil. 3:13-14) He understood that every day was another layer of holy living that was built on the foundation of the instantaneous sanctification he received on the road to Damascus.

The truth of the matter is we are growing into the image of Christ but that is not something “new” but rather a continuation of what was started at conversion. This is what the old Methodist would call be “rooted out or “eradication” of the old nature. We can only overcome sin by resting in the truth of what was started in our salvation process!

People like to eat bananas. They enjoy what has been done on the inside of it but they see the outside and made a decision if they can enjoy it or not. While the inside is instantaneous sanctification; they outside is what we known as progressive sanctification.

The final act of sanctification

There is coming a day that the deposit that we received will be “cashed in.” For some of us, it might be in death but it could be for this generation when the Lord comes back for His church in the glorious rapture of the Church.

At this time, we will become more than justified and sanctified; we will become glorified. We will be forever in the presence of God and living in the joy of salvation, Christ Jesus. When we live in complete bliss where the struggle of living holy is of the past. Romans 8:18 declares that suffering with struggle today is nothing compared to the glory we see that day.

It is here that we will become fully mature in the fullness of Christ (Ephesians 4:13) All pain, death and weeping will be history (Revelation 21:4) and we will take the permanent place around the throne of God (Revelation 4-5) as worshipper of Jesus eternal.

Until that day, either by the blessed rapture of the Church or silenced by death; we must seek to grow in the holiness of God daily that was started for us the moment we repented of our sins and confessed Jesus Christ as Lord of our lives.

Yes, the concept of instantaneous sanctification does remain a mystery to many and to all us to a degree, one thing we do know. Jesus is longing for us to growing in the reality of holiness.

Charity Gayle and Pentecostal worship

I love listening to Charity Gayle, a member of the United Pentecostal Church that has been able to reach into circles that do not value the power of Pentecost. As a Assemblies of God guy, I still love Pentecostal worship. I want to fly the Pentecostal banner, not my expression of it.

I have been following Charity since a friend of mine in the United Pentecostal Church told me about a group known as People and Songs. They were about singing songs that were to Jesus, not people’s theological axes to grind. So much of our “worship songs” are theological statements to music; not actual worship.

I can’t say that there was not some of them that I struggle with such as Cleansed. There was a few things that I went, “hmm…” However, knowing the differences between the Assemblies of God and United Pentecostal Church, I understood the process.

All in all, I enjoyed the worship that was being put out by Charity Gayle. It was refreshing and it was boldly Pentecostal, something that is really lacking in our churches. A lot of churches just don’t value the move of the Spirit anymore. Our “worship service” is more a filler to let people who are late get to church. It grieves me.

How Pentecostal is Charity Gayle?

She is the daughter of the pastors of New Life Church that is a United Pentecostal Church just outside of Buffalo, New York. She was raised in the heart of Pentecostal worship and has a great value for it.

At the center of her worship is the presence of the anointing, praying in tongues and walking in the might and authority of Jesus. The value of the name of Jesus is fundamental to her music and that is something that everyone can learn. In a time where psychology has taken root in our lyrics, I speak Jesus draws us back to the core of life.

It reminds me of the early days of my faith. I was saved in the Brownsville Revival and saw the power of God fall night after night. I also would visit a Pentecostal church in my town on Sunday nights. Miracles happen and the anointing of the Lord would come upon us for hours.

I have been in several meeting where Charity Gayle was leading worship, namely the Pentecostals of Alexandria, and saw the anointing come. There was not an hype, emotionalism, or pushing of theology. It was just people going beyond the veil. It was nothing that I had not seen at the Brownsville Revival.

The truth is that Charity Gayle is Pentecostal and that is something that I believe we should celebrate even if we disagree on some doctrinal things. There is power in the name of Jesus and she keeps that at the forefront of everything she does as a worship leader.

It is my prayer that she does not lose that when she visits churches that do not value the anointing of Jesus and the move of the Spirit.

Throne Room and Pentecostalism

One of my favorite songs is when she sings Throne Room Song. It is about going from the world into the throne room of God. (Revelation 4) What happens when we go beyond the veil and enter into the presence of the Lord? The truth is that we are on holy ground and the Spirit moved all around when we call on the name of Jesus.

When we sing to the Lord, all of the angels, creatures and elders join us in crying out to Jesus in his holiness. In our worship, the nearness of the Spirit comes very real. Holiness is branded deep within us and we are transformed by the anointing.

The emphasis is on the running to the Throne Room. This is very much a common message in Pentecostal circles. You can sing this song at any Assembly of God church and no one will think twice. The theology of it is pure.

I have seen this song done in many churches outside of the United Pentecostal Church and it has always ended up with the Spirit moving. I was at Family Worship Center in Louisiana when the power of the Spirit fell in Jimmy Swaggart’s meetings.

There are other amazing songs by Charity Gayle but this one is one that I believe is special. It is anointing and breaks the yoke of sin and bondage no matter what context it is done in. Thank you, Jesus for the anointing.

Worship destroys pride!

One of the greatest needs among Pentecostals right now is humility. The century old division of people who became the United Pentecostal Church and the Assemblies of God is mainly rooted in pride. Both sides have had some very wrong things to say about the other. However, I am hopefully that those walls are coming down.

One of the ways God is bringing them down is through worship. There was a day that a worship leader from the United Pentecostal Church would have never been given a microphone in an Assembly of God. In the same vein, seeing someone that believes in the Trinity to preach in churches of the UPCI. Arms linked together, the Pentecostal movement is becoming of one heart and one mind.

Music has a way of taking bricks out of the wall that divide us. As the message of Pentecost is turning to tunes that we sing on Sundays; more bricks would come out until the wall is completely in ruins.

This has been something that is long overdue. It is a passion that I have to see Pentecostals everywhere to lift up holy hands next to each other in worship of Jesus and praying in the Spirit. It is not being of one spirit when we have everyone but the ones we have disagreement. We need the United Pentecostals present too.

I believe God is using people like Charity Gayle and to a lesser degree, Tommy Tenney to bring about unity.

Revival is coming to the United Pentecostal Church

Probably one of the most asked questions that I get is about my views and how friendly I am with the United Pentecostal Church International (UPCI) and the larger Oneness movement? I believe in the trinity but see value in people who I do not share all the same theology with.

History has not been kind to the split between the United Pentecostal Church and the Assemblies of God which I relate. It is really not over the view of the Godhead, either. It really was over baptism. Both sides have historically told the other they are not really saved. This grieves my heart.

It all started in 1913 at a Maria Woodworth-Etter meeting when someone suggested that baptism in the book of Acts was in Jesus name. They believed they had a revelation from the Spirit about the power of the name of Jesus.

Within 30 months, one group was throwing the other group out of a movement because of how divisive it had become. It was called “the new issue.”

Ever since then, there has been some harsh feeling between what became the United Pentecostal Church and the Assemblies over some doctrinal issues. Judgement was made solely on theology, not love for Jesus.

What are the disagreements over?

To start with, people go on and on about the issue of Godhead. Some people, wrongly, claim that the United Pentecostal Church believes in modalism. The claim of Sabellianism is not right for several reasons. One of them is that we are not even sure what it is. None of his writing exist today. Modalism is really hard to use as well because the UPCI does not believe in modes of God. They value the “Only true God” passages too much in my view. They do not hold the Trinity view of the Assemblies of God though.

They also hold that baptism is required and needed. It is also to be done in the name of Jesus. This is how they became known as “Jesus Only.” This was the issue that caused all the problem. I see the point of the United Pentecostal Church in Acts but still believed in using the Matthew 28:19 model.

The next issue is one that I have to say is a serious issue and one that I stand without charity. It is the doctrine that one must pray in tongues to be biblically saved. I strongly disagree. The Baptism of the Holy Spirit is for every believer and I believe any believer than doesn’t seek it, need to question their soul. However, I do not find any evidence that it is required for salvation. None at all.

A lesser difference is their standards on holiness. The Assemblies of God used to be much more conservative than they are today. Women with long hair, in dresses without makeup or jewelry was common and still is among the United Pentecostal Church. I grieve over how liberal some within the Assemblies of God have gotten over this.

Revival is coming to the United Pentecostal Church

Years ago, I was on the bandwagon of judgement with the rest of the Assemblies of God about them. Then, the Holy Spirit spoke to me that revival was coming to them and it would offend many within the Assemblies of God. Around the same time, I realized that God had poured out in groups that had even more crazy doctrine in history. (i.e. mormons) The Spirit doesn’t to check theology statement before pouring out in revival!

As I began to befriend people in the United Pentecostal Church and hear their stories, I found they loved Jesus just I did. They wanted to be holy just like I did. They wanted revival just like I did. Theological issues aside, they were not that different that I was. Stereotypes began to shatter.

As we continued to build relationships of respect and in honor, we understood the other’s theological perspective and we pray together without trying to “convert” the other. We have shared concerns over the lack of holiness in our movements and have wept over lack of mission.

One of the honors of my ministry has been to  preach in the pulpit of a man that I have some pretty serious disagreements. The messages I have preached there would have no different than I would have preached in the Assembly of God. The Holy Spirit showed and people were touched powerfully like they would have any of “our” churches.

Revival is coming and one thing it will is make brothers in Pentecost dwell in unity.

Humbling ourselves

The greatest need to heal the division of what happened in 1916 in St. Louis is to humble ourselves, come to the table to listen and to disagree in love. the theological issues are what they are, both sides have their verses for them; but our love for Jesus should over ride those and find ways to receive each other as brothers.

We seem to do this with other groups that we have just as serious of doctrinal discord with (Presbyterian for example), but we can’t find it within ourselves to do it in this case because they hit too close to home. We fear guilt by association. That’s a root of pride, not humility.

The good news is that God is destroying the dividing wall between the United Pentecostal Church and the Assemblies of God finally. It is slowly happening that we can embrace each other without see the other group as “heretics.”

I never thought I would see the day that a UPCI worship, Charity Gayle, would lead at an Assembly of God church and that Assemblies of God ministers would preach at the largest United Pentecostal Church in the United States but here we are!

Good things are coming for both movements that they learn to love the other, even in theological differences. Revival is our missiology and it will come to us no matter the name on the sign in front of the building.


What is regeneration of man?

Regeneration is a theological term for becoming a new creation in Christ. It is the act of God that the Spirit imparts new life, a new nature, and making a man a new creation as he repents of his sins and confesses Jesus as the Lord of his life.

This is the fleshing out of 2 Corinthians 5:17 where a man is dead to sin and alive to Christ as a new creation. They have died with Christ by faith and been raised in victory by faith. Simply put, the man (or woman) leaves the altar a different person that they came.

The great miracle of all is when the Spirit comes into a person and regenerates them setting them free from sin and death and exchanges it for life and people in Christ. It is the power of God unto salvation. The power of the curse of sin has been destroyed in that moment.

Word can not explain the experience for someone who is delivered from an eternity in hell and a lifetime of addictions in a moment. The power of the Lord transforms them into a new man or woman that is holy in a blink of an eye.

Synergism of regeneration

The idea of Synergism is that two or more come together to form something new. The truth is when a man repents of his sin and confesses Jesus as his Lord, the Spirit comes and transforms the man. Regeneration is a result of the act of facing one’s transgression and the Spirit makes one’s anew.

You can not regenerate yourself. It does require the Holy Spirit to do it. It is not something you can just order like you are Ebay. It is a response from the Spirit as an overflow of dealing with the sins of the man.

However, we can be sure that the Spirit of God is faithful to do His role in the relationship when the condition has been met. There is no concern of “I Hope the Holy Spirit keeps his end of the deal.” He has never failed a person in history and we can know He won’t in the future, either.

If a person is drowning in the river and someone throws a raft to the person, the raft will bring them to safety but it will be traumatic. That raft is the gospel that must be grabbed in order to enter into the safety and peace found by the Man who extended the raft to us. We still have to be willing to receive the help!

Regeneration happens as we value what Jesus did for us and come to Him with broken hearts crying out for forgiveness of our transgressions. Far too many people try and pretend that it is all God’s work without taking any responsibility for our sin. Our sinful past is not the fault of God in any way.

Regeneration is not a cause of faith or an effect. Faith comes out of knowledge of sinfulness and confess of our need for a redeemer.

What is new life in Christ?

Paul wrote to Titus and told that, “…because of his mercy. He saved us through the washing of rebirth and renewal by the Holy Spirit…” (Titus 3:5) In the mercy of Jesus was the washing of rebirth or regeneration and a renewal to right relationship with the Lord by the Spirit of God. The concept of washing here is to take a bath. This is where we get the idea that forms the old hymnal, Are you washed in the blood?

The question becomes what does it mean to renewal to right relationship with the Father? It means the veil has been ripped and we now have access to the throne of grace knowing that the Father hears our prayers. We are declared a child of God and know the Father of creation!

In Romans 8:15, we read that, “..the Spirit you received brought about your adoption to sonship. And by him we cry, “Abba, Father.” The work of the Spirit in giving you regeneration has given you sonship to the Father and you now are adopted as children of God. You have been fully delivered from the old life and now have been given a fresh start at living for God.

As long as you continue in the faith, you have assurance of spending eternity with the Father because of your new life. You don’t have to question if you will go to hell anymore no matter what your feeling or other people tell you. You are a new creation!

The demands of the Evangelist!

The great commission of Jesus demands our response. It takes more than having an idea; it takes making an action for the cause of Christ. While many are happy with big events and talking about what we should do; the rubber meets the road when being an evangelist demands your lifestyle!

As Ralph M. Riggs says in So I Send You, ” Every Christian should be prepared through training and experience to turn casual encounters into soul winning opportunity.”[1]Ralph Riggs, So I Send You, p.54

An evangelist will travel anywhere, preach to anyone, at any cost for people to be saved, healed and deliver. It is not about what we want but taking the gospel to the ends of the earth as the Lord commanded.

The history of the Church is the history of the evangelist. Those who preached the gospel with miracles confirming the message. Zinzendorf, Wesley, Woodworth-Etter, Wigglesworth, Coe and Allen all point to one truth: When Jesus is preached, miracles happen.

The price for evangelism has not changed in the last century. The methods have changed to a degree but the price has not. The cost for soul winning never goes on sale and there is not a bluelight special for it. It will cause you your life as you know it.

The Testimony of the Moravians

They lived with a motto of “May the Lamb be worthy of His suffering!” With that vision, a group of refugees became mighty evangelists to the world. Within five months of revival starting, they had missionaries going to the ends of the earth.

After a year of revival, they had 26 missionaries and when Count Zinzendorf died(1760), there was over 220 missionaries. Many of them would sell themselves in slavery for the gospel to be preached.

Every move of God is missional in focus or it is not a move of the Spirit. These missionaries knew the price and they paid it. When a group of them arrived in Jamaica, they had a third of the island baptized within a matter of months. This is just one example of many.

One of the more famous conversions that they had was on a boat from America to Europe when they met a young and confused John Wesley. After meeting the Moravians, he said that there was a “strange warming of the heart.” it was at this point that he started the road to true conversion.

David Zeisberger was a missionary to the Indians in the United States and saw such a move of the Spirit that leaders had him thrown in prison for preaching the gospel. When the gospel destroys wicked business, revival has come!

Everywhere they went; they didn’t teach theology, doctrines, or biblical theory. They only proclaimed the gospel of Jesus Christ which was the preaching of the Cross. The message of the Cross was the “diamond of the golden ring of the Gospel” to them.

For more about the missionary calling of the Moravians, Check out The Moravian Principle: The secret of revival by Dr. Brad Allen.

The evangelism of Azusa Street Revival

In the quake of the revival in downtown Los Angeles, many believed they had encountered the very finger of God when they were baptized in the Spirit and as an overflow of that, they wanted to share the gospel with sinners around them.

By the end of 1906, the evangelism work of the believers had caused the formation of 12 new churches in Los Angeles that preached similar messages to that of the revival and William Seymour.

One of these were People’s Church in Boyle Heights. The leader, a woman named Bell White reached the street kids of Los Angeles as well as any one that was down and out. She, at one point, had a tent revival in a poor area about a half a mile from People’s Church and within a few months, had 125 people gathered.

By the time, the revival was a year old, there was missions all over what we know as Metro Los Angeles. It was only a matter of time people gave us everything to preach the Pentecostal message in North Carolina, Tennessee, Kansas, and Ohio to name a few places. Everything they had known was surrendered to the Lord for the gospel to be preached.

If you are interested in more about the missiological views of the Azusa Street Revival, I recommend The Azusa Street Mission & Revival: The Birth of the Pentecostal Movement by Cecil Roebuck as a great starting point.

Peter Vandever and team outside of Pentecostal church in Suva, Fiji

What is the price for evangelism?

It is more than possibly leaving your family, friends and job to preach in another city or country. It can be giving everything you owe away and preaching the gospel on a one way ticket never to return to your hometown.

In some cases, it may cost you your very life to preach the gospel with power.


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