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Theology and Doctrine

Doctrinal Statement

Emmaus Hope is a classic Pentecostal ministry that believes in the 16 Fundamental truths laid out in Saint Louis, Missouri in 1916 by the Assemblies of God.

End Time Revival

Some within the Pentecostal movement hold to a “doom and gloom” view of the End times. Emmaus Hope believes the greatest revival in history is ahead of us, not behind.

Quest For Souls is in agreement with the Endtime Revival Statement of the Assemblies of God. Click here to view.

why us.

What Makes us Different?


The foundation of all we do is compassion for the broken and the downcast. Out of compassion flows everything we do in ministry.

Gospel Centered

It is fundamental to the ministry that the answer is Jesus Christ and the power of the resurrection. Our answer is not humanism.

Missional Church

The vision is to be the missional church in prayer, in community and in mission on the streets and in the churches of the city. of Kansas City.

Biblical Literacy

All answers to any problem we have is found in the Word of God. We want to encourage men and women to find the solution in the gospel and God's presence.

Presence of God

In His presence, there is peace, joy, deliverance, healing and all things needed for life and faith. We model the presence of God.

Holy Spirit POWER!

The baptism of the Holy Spirit changes everything. It is the power of God that breaks the yoke of bondage is us and through us.

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