Are you or your church desiring a Quest for Souls crusade in your city? If so, there are some questions that need to be answered to see if it is possible.

Our ministry works hands on with Pentecostal churches, namely the Assemblies of God in countries that we are focused to reach. This is first, the South Pacific but other countries are considered on a case by case basis.

The criteria:

Is the Holy Spirit sending us?

The most important thing must be the first thing. Praying over the invitation and seeing the voice of the Lord speak to us about it is what matters. Sometimes it is a yes, sometimes it is no and sometimes it is at a later date.

Is it in the Pacific?

The Holy Spirit has given Quest for Souls a burden for the Pacific Islands. If the request is from Oceania, it is more likely to approved than from outside that region. It is a direct calling of the ministry to the islands.

Is the Pentecostal Church strong?

A gospel crusade is a “shot in the arm” to the local Pentecostal witness. For the full effect of a crusade to be realized, there must be from the church to the church and through the church. Without the witness or a plan for church planting, it makes a crusade much less effective.

Question to answer first

These are 12 questions that help you realize if a Quest for Souls crusade is best for your city.

1) Who are you? The ideal leader is one that is missional minded. He is doing everything he can to reach the lost in his city. Quest for Souls is to rip open the harvest with you; not do the work of evangelism for you.

2) Is this a city church mandate? The most effective crusades are normally when several Assemblies of God in a city or a region come together to reach the lost. We look for people that are about the harvest, not building their “ministry.”

3) Where should the crusade be? Does the city have a location for doing a crusade? While doing open field meetings can work, they cause a lot of extra work. Crusades don’t work at local church buildings.

4) What is the Holy Spirit doing in your city? We want to see what the Father is doing and what He is saying. How is the ground prepared for a crusade?

5) How strong is the Pentecostal witness? Is there strong churches to support the harvest? The ideal situation is a strong city church to pray for the crusade as well as follow up with people afterwards.

6) Will the Assemblies support the crusade with finances and man power? While in some cases, the local believers can’t support the work financially, in many cases they can! Also, will they help reach the sinner before, during and after the crusade!

7) When is best for a crusade? Many Pacific nations have two seasons, rainy season and not so rainy season. Is there a time better than others for the outreach?

8) What is your expectations from having a Quest for Souls crusade?

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