Quest for Souls believes the Book of Acts gives us the biblical model for leadership. The role of the New Testament government is based on apostolic leadership. Therefore, we desire to be lead by people with apostolic authority, prophetic insight and evangelistic zeal.

Our current board of directors are all evangelists. It is biblical to governed by people with a similar calling, a passion that is likeminded. Just as we believe that the prophet is subject to the prophets; the evangelist is subjects to the evangelists. Quest for Souls values partnership with pastors, as needed, but disagree that pastors should control evangelistic works.

Quest for Souls has a board of directors with five members, all of them have their own evangelistic work. It is within the bylaws that anyone servicing on the board must have either an itinerant ministry or work apostolically over prophetic ministries.

The Board includes:

Peter Vandever, Founder, Quest for Souls

Charles McField, Chaplain, City Union Mission

Dr. George Westlake Jr, Retired, Sheffield Family Life Center

Dr. Beth Grant, Project Rescue, Assemblies of God

Dave Roever, Project Warrior Reconnect

We also have an advisory board for the evangelism work that include the following….

Mike Francen, Francen World Outreach

Ladonna Osborn, T.L. Osborn’s daughter

Daniel Kolenda, Christ for All Nations
David Shibley, Global Advance

Jeri Hill, widow of Steve Hill

Don Wilkerson, Co-Founder of Teen Challenge

Nicky Cruz, Nicky Cruz Ministries

David K. Bernard, United Pentecostal Church


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