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Revival Q&A

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Q & A about Revival

These are the most asked questions what is revival?

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  • What is revival?

    Revival is when a congregation has a corporate move of repentance internally and is externally manifested through evangelism, miracles, and compassion. In short, the Book of Acts all over again!

  • What is the biblical basis for revival?

    There is many verses that suggest a great revival before the rapture of the Church. Joel 2:28-30, Matthew 24:14, Mark 16:20, and Revelation 22:17 are examples.

  • What are the hallmarks of revival?

    There is no list of things but every revival has Cross centric preaching, holiness-focused and evangelistic-driven season of Outpouring.

  • Why study Book of Acts?

    Jesus is returning for a people as He left them: in Pentecost! The book of Acts is the lifestyle of what being a Jesus followe is. Recommended reading is Craig Kenner's Acts commentary.

  • What is the role of prophecy in revival?

    Historically, prophecy and dreams/visions have played a major part in the revival. God speaks to His people concerning revival. Tommy Hicks' and David Yonngi Cho both had visions before revival came as examples.

  • What is some examples of revival?

    There are many but I would suggest studying the Azusa Street revival, Voice of Healing (1950's), and the Brownsville Revival.

  • Is revival before or after the rapture?

    God has been moving and it will only increase until Matthew 24:14 is fulfilled. It is clear that the end time revival is before the rapture of the Church at the start of the Great Tribulation.

  • What about missions?

    Revival always becomes missions. Revival is the church on mission, doing missions and being missional. Without a missional vision, it is not revival.

  • What about 7 Mountain Mandate?

    7 Mountain Mandate is the current term for Dominionism. it is a heretical doctrine from the 1980's. It is rejected at all levels. Our calling is to be a faithful witness in a corrupt generation, not fight culture wars.

  • Will there be Ecumenism?

    Jesus is coming back for a Church on fire like in the Book of Acts. There are movements that do not desire to be on fire. Just as people can lose their salvation, churches can lose their lampstands.