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We only have what we give...

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# American Samoa

Revival meetings in
American Samoa

  • 65 Days Left

  • 40+ Suppoters

Welcome to Pentecost Now!

Theology is simply knowing Jesus.

We commit to each other and to Jesus for the
greatest evangelism thrust the world has ever seen.

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Salvation of Man


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Pentecostal Baptism

Holy Spirit

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Last days


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Theological Views

16 Fundamental Truths of faith.

Conviction of the 1916 Fundamental truths from Saint Louis, Missouri.

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Improve Self Esteem

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Financial Benefits

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Reduce Your Stress

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Familial Benefits

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Emphasis of Ministry
  • Pneumatology
  • Missiology
  • Soteriology
  • Apologetics
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Ministry Impact

Here to Bring People Together to Help

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Brownsville Revival

Saved and disciplined in the Pensacola Outpouring.

Times Square Church

David Wilkerson's writing and teaching was a strong impact in early development.

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Why Oceania?

The missiological reason
for goingto Pacific nations.

What we do...

Impact of Quest for Souls

Every year, the gospel is taken to the ends of the earth.... literally.






Village Crusades


Bible Colleges