Quest for Souls believes in the apostolic witness!

The gospel as modeled in Acts is theology.

While there is some things that are not up for debate, our missiology drives what we do, not a set of doctrinal truths, you can check off.

However, these are 18 theological statements that focus the doctrine of Quest for Souls.

  1. The Bible is authority, complete, and is the standard for all life, faith and conduct.
  2. The Father, Son and Spirit all co-exist at all times as “The trinity.”
  3. Jesus was full man and full God. At no point, was either reduced.
  4. We have all sinned and deserved to burn in hell.
  5. Jesus Christ died for humanity that we can be restored to relationship with God.
  6. We are to be baptized upon repenting and becoming a child of God.
  7. After salvation, all believers need to desire the baptism of the Spirit.
  8. The initial physical evidence of the Spirit is praying in tongues.
  9. When you are saved, you receive instantaneous sanctification.
  10. The assembly of saints exist to evangelize, fellowship and worship.
  11. The primary calling of the saint is to vessels of compassion to sinners.
  12. Biblically ministry is spiritual in nature calling men to repent, believe and transformed.
  13. Healing is part of the gospel, not secondary to it.
  14. The evangelization of the world will be completed by revival in the nations.
  15. The rapture of the Church is imminent, physical and literal.
  16. After the Second coming (7 years later), the Kingdom age will begin.
  17. There will be a final judgement.
  18. There will be a new heaven and new earth.


Things that are not open for debate:

  • Jesus is the only way to salvation
  • The Lord is full of compassion.
  • The Spirit came to fill, transform us and empower us.
  • The spiritual gifts and mantles are in full operation today.
  • No problem is too big for God to do a miracle.



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