Bringing home
to the homeless

The Lord's heart is for the broken, the downcast, the forgetten.

Helping people with PTSD
find freedom in Jesus.

1 in every 16 people have a form of PTSD and the only hope for overcoming it is in Christ.
Why is Sozo Project different?

What is our core values?

The ministry is passionate Pentecostal! 

Spirit Empowered

In a time that many are trying to hide Pentecost, it is something that is fundamental. A fire can't be hidden, it will burn through!


Being Pentecostal is being missional. The church was started with a harvest festival. (Acts 2) Raising up national churches is fundamental.


2 Corithians 1:3-4 tells us as we have recieved compassion, we are to give it to others in need of it themselves. Everyone needs it.


The central drive of every biblical ministry must be a quest for souls. At the core of all things is the passion for the lost soul of mankind.

The Mission

PTSD and homelessness drives suicide nationally.

America's broken needs the compassion and kindness of God's people.

The New Testament tells us over 100 times using a dozen different Greek words that that compassion is the avenue for the gospel to transform the broken.

Peter Vandever


Theological value

Compassion breeds anointing.

As we have compassion on the broken of society, the Holy Spirit comes and sets people. We are not the answer to suffering; we just have empathy and the gospel is the answer to every struggle known to man. 

Social Justice and Jesus

What is the biblical view on social justice in our culture and how do we fix the problem.
The Missional Process

How to reach the the lost man, woman or child?
Four steps to spiritual transformation.

Gospel Presentation


The local assembly is the community of compassion.

Paul wrote to the believers in Colossae saying they were to be a body that is clothe with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience. In other words, the people of God’s presence is also the community of compassion to the broken in the city and region.

A teaching from the Book of Acts

Why revival is coming to the poor.

from our blog.

What is the Spirit saying?

Find out what we happening and what the Spirit is saying about loving the broken in America. 

The gospel is the hope of the nation.


Homeless in America


Americans with PTSD


PTSD related suicides yearly

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